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Our experienced editors, who are among the best researchers in their fields, will thoroughly examine your research manuscript from every angle.

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Our team of professional English editors will help you significantly improve your research papers by providing extensive English editing and proofreading.

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EWritingservice offers a full range of research writing and publication support services from journal recommendation to designing graphical abstracts…

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Exceptional Scientific Peer Review, English Editing, & Proofreading Solutions

We provide extensive scientific review, English editing, and proofreading services to the research community. By choosing EWritingservice, you improve the chances of your research manuscript’s acceptance with a critical scientific peer review and analysis of your research document that comes with many other services at no additional cost. We will help you significantly improve the structure of your paper, the flow of information, literature review, study design, methods and materials, and conclusion sections of your manuscript. Top scholars, researchers, and editors in your field will thoroughly review your original document and inspect it from every angle. You will receive a comprehensive critical review of your academic manuscript that comes with detailed comments and recommendations for …

Quality Assurance

We have several levels of quality control in place to ensure that all manuscripts receive the highest level of consideration. Here is how our quality control works for the peer review process: Step (1): Two domain expert reviewers, with Ph.D. qualifications, will complete the first round of peer review. Step(2): Our team of senior editors will carefully examine the reviewers’ report. If necessary, the main reviewers will be requested to revise the report further. Step(3): Another reviewer will further examine the revised report in detail. Step(4) The revised report will be sent back to the teams of senior editors for final recommendations and approval. If the paper is not accepted in one of our recommended journals; then we will revise it according to the journal’s comments for free.

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    Comprehensive Supports & Solutions for Scholars and Researchers

    In addition to our popular scientific peer review and extensive academic editing and English proofreading services, EWritingservice provides a wide range of publication supports and services to scholars, researchers, and institutes. We cover all steps of the scientific publication process including journal selection, formatting, submission, response to reviewers, and plagiarism check, among others. Furthermore, to help more researchers disseminate their research results, EWritingservice provides additional supports and discounts to all students and postdoctoral associates.
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    We are always looking for talented and experienced editors to expand our quality services to larger groups of researchers around the world. On average, our science editors have the following qualifications: A terminal degree in their fields of specialization.
    Strong publication records in high-impact peer-reviewed journals in their fields. A strong research impact. 50+ peer reviews for high-impact journals and conferences. Exceptional time management and organizational skills.
    If you have a passion for helping other researchers get their research published, then please contact us.

    Outstanding Achievements

    Our editors, reviewers, and successful clients have worked with and consistently published in hundreds of high-impact peer-reviewed journals with many of the most reputable academic publishers.

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    We recruit the best scientific and language editors to significantly improve your manuscripts. Our editors are based in the United States, have Ph.D. degrees from top US universities, and have on average 11 years of research, publication, and editorial experience with hundreds of high-impact scholarly journals.

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