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Why Choose Us?

Here are 6 reasons researchers trust EWritingservice:


Top Scientific Manuscript Reviewers and Language Editors

1.       We recruit the best scientific and language editors to significantly improve your manuscripts. All of our editors are based in the United States, hold Ph.D. degrees from top US universities, and have an average of 15 years of extensive research, publication, and editorial experience with hundreds of high-impact scholarly journals.

Affordable Peer Review and Language Editing Services

2.       Our service cost is affordable, and the peer review comes with many additional services at no extra cost, which makes EWritingservice the most efficient and affordable service provider of its kind. These extra services include free journal selection, free critical review of the abstract, free journal formatting, free submission, and a free plagiarism check, among others.

Fast Turnaround Time

3.       We prepare your selected services in 5 business days. Because our editors work very hard on your manuscript to improve it from every possible angle, we do not promise to get it done in or around 24 hours! There is much work to be done!

Unlimited Support

4.       If your manuscript is not accepted for publication in our recommended venues, then no worries! We will perform another comprehensive review and edit by a different editor in your field for free! You just need to send us the editors’ decision letters along with the reviewers’ comments on each of your submissions and simply request a new free review.

Great Discounts

5.       Generous discounts are available to students and all other first-time clients! EWritingservice helps talented students get their research published by providing them with a $99.99 discount on all of their submissions. Just let us know that you are a student. All other researchers will receive a $49.99 discount on their first order.

Community Support

6.       Finally, we donate $10.00 per edited manuscript to help educate children in developing countries. In some countries, it costs less than $100.00 to send a child to school for a year. Therefore, the contribution is significant, and can help provide hundreds of talented children in poor communities with necessary education every year.

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