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If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we can assist you in disseminating your research results. Especially if you need to:

  • Have domain-expert researchers, with Ph.D. qualifications, thoroughly examine your research paper/proposal.
  • Significantly improve the manuscript by a comprehensive critical peer review of your paper/proposal by several highly-published researchers in your field.
  • Remove all language, grammatical, punctuation, and word-choice mistakes and optimize the flow of information throughout your research paper/proposal.
  • Select appropriate venues for submission (journals, grant and funding programs, and conferences), format the manuscript professionally, reduce the word count, submit the manuscript, perform a complete plagiarism check, and respond to reviewers’ comments.

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Scientific Manuscript Peer Review, Language Editing, and Comprehensive Publication Support Services

EWritingservice offers a full range of scientific research services that comprehensively cover all aspects of paper publication and research funding application

Critical Scientific Peer Review & Editing Service

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Why Choose Us?

Scientific Editing, Peer Review, & Academic English Editing

Our leading service includes a comprehensive pre-submission peer review of research manuscripts and extensive language editing and proofreading. Our experienced editors, who are among the best researchers in their fields, will thoroughly examine your manuscript from every angle. Our editors will help you considerably improve your research manuscript by providing you detailed comments and actionable recommendations to enhance your research paper and/or funding grant submission. Because our editors have extensive experience and expertise from reviewing hundreds of scientific documents for many high-impact journals and research funding grant programs, they know exactly what the journal editors and reviewers look for in a research manuscript. We have helped hundreds of researchers get their research published. Let us help you, too!

  • We will carefully examine the structure of your abstract and make sure it includes an accurate problem statement, a brief description of available knowledge, gaps in the knowledge, methodology, materials, specific results, and major conclusion(s) in a concise and consistent format.
  • We help you clearly highlight your research’s originality, novelty, and contributions so editors and reviewers can quickly appreciate your work’s significance.
  • We will also help you clearly and briefly explain the statement of problem, the research’s scope, and its limitations.
  • We will help you better elaborate on the rationale for selecting your methods and the quality of your materials and data. The journal editors and reviewers need to ensure that you have selected and pursued the best possible approach to solve the research problem.
  • We will help you improve the introduction and literature review sections to clearly address essential subjects such as the problem’s background, available knowledge and approaches, gaps in the knowledge, and the advantages and disadvantages of the current methods.
  • We will critically and carefully examine the soundness and correctness of the methods, the quality of the data and materials, and the rationale behind the analysis/experiments. Practical remedies and solutions will be provided if necessary.
  • We will examine the manuscript’s flow of information and logic, ensuring that the manuscript is consistent and meets the journal/conference/grant standards and requirements for formatting, units, etc.
  • We will ensure that the discussion and conclusions are fully supported by and consistent with the other sections of the research and that the research conclusions are justified accordingly.
  • All of the services mentioned above come with additional free English proofreading and language edits to remove grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and problems with punctuation and syntax. You need to submit an error-free manuscript!
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EWritingservice Approach to Scientific Editing

We will help you become a more effective and prolific research writer. To achieve this goal, first, we will review and edit your research writing thoroughly. Second, we will teach you how to write and structure your research manuscripts professionally. Our recognized researchers and editors will provide you with significant comments and actionable recommendations to improve all aspects of your research writing. All of these professional comments come with detailed guidelines and instructions for proper implementation. More importantly, after receiving and reviewing your detailed peer review report, you are encouraged to interact with your reviewers and editors with any questions you might have. Therefore, after following the peer review instructions, you will gain new practical research writing skills. These skills will significantly help you write your next papers more professionally and without needing help. Ask for a free sample or a free peer review and editing of a portion of your research to learn more about our unique advantages.
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If you submit your paper to our recommended journals and it is not accepted for publication, no worries! We will perform another review by a different editor for free! You just need to send us the editors’ decision letters along with the reviewers’ comments on each of your submissions, and simply request a new, free review.

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We are more than happy to offer you a free scientific review service of your manuscript’s abstract by our main editors to help you decide if EWritingservice is the right choice for your needs.