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Highly published domain-expert researchers and editors comprehensively review and analyze your original research manuscript and inspect it from every angle. You’ll receive a comprehensive critical review of your research manuscript that comes with detailed comments and recommendations for improvements from top researchers in your field. Moreover, you’ll receive many other services at no extra cost. These totally free services include journal selection, journal formatting, word reduction, figure and table formatting, manuscript submission, submission cover letter, review of your response to journal comments, and a free plagiarism check. Moreover, your manuscript will be carefully edited and proofread for English-language use for free!

Because we are so confident in the quality of our services, we will review your abstract for free! Simply get in touch and let us show you how it works by reviewing and editing your abstract.

Comprehensive critical peer review report

Our scientific editors help you with the following critical elements of research papers, plus many more:

    • >> The structure of your abstract to make sure the abstract, as the research paper’s only stand-alone section, meets all the standards and requirements of top journals and conferences.

    • >> Clearly and sufficiently elaborating on the contributions, originality, and novelty of your research, which are among the most important elements of research papers. Editors need to make sure your research and its results are relevant and significant to their audience.


    • >> Adequately explaining the statement of the problem, the research’s scope, and its limitations. Editors and reviewers always look for these subjects in well-written research papers.


    • >> Selecting the best method and materials for the research at hand given its objectives, scope, and limitations. You need to convince the reviewers that you have selected and pursued the best possible approach to solve the research problem. Explaining the selection criteria and limitations always adds credibility to your work.


    • >> Improving the introduction and literature review to make sure important subjects such as the problem background, available knowledge and approaches, gaps in the knowledge, and the current methods’ advantages and disadvantages are clearly and adequately discussed.


    • >> Checking the methods’ soundness and correctness, the data’s and materials’ quality, and rationale behind the analysis/experiments.


    • >> Improving the manuscript’s flow of information and logic, making sure the manuscript is consistent and meets the journal/conference standards and requirements for formatting, units, etc.


    • >> Making sure that the discussion and conclusions are fully supported by and consistent with other sections of the research and that the research conclusions are justified appropriately.

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